The First Time is The Worst

I’ve heard many times people saying to me, how brave I am, how they envy me because I’ve been travelling around the world and lived abroad or that I must have a lot of money, because I have the possibility to discover places. I think there is nothing to envy, life is all about choices and people do different kind of choices. Money? No, I don’t have a lot of money, I’ve never had. It’s also been about the choice, how to use my money, I chose to travel. Am I brave? Probably at some point I am, but I’m also scared about a lot of things. After all the experiences of moving around the world, travelling, meeting new people, learning other languages, finding my way in a new culture, in a new country and in new cities I think for me that is the way of living and I’m not scared of it and I could do it again anytime without any hesitation.

Even for me, there was the first time when I was scared and I didn’t feel myself very brave. I was very young, leaving my friends, my family, home, school, hobbies, everything behind for one whole year with just two suitcases. Travelling far far away to a culture I had no idea, language I didn’t speak a word, people I’ve never met, I can tell you, I missed home already the same second when I left.

This first time, made me want to do it again. I was motivated to discover more and more. I proved myself that I can do it. After the first time, I’ve done it for studies and I’ve done it for work couple of times, done it for private reasons and I could do it again for whatever reason.

Without telling more about my own experiences, I would like to make you think. If ever you have had an idea, of going abroad for studies or for work or you just need a change, I would like to motivate you to do it! The most difficult part is to make the decision. When decision has been made, it is just the matter of good planning and time to get there.

In today’s business life, where ever you go, where ever you apply for a job, it is highly appreciated if you have an international experience. No matter how long you have stayed, what you have done or where you have been. Important is that you have made the decision, you have done a huge change in your life, you took a risk and faced the challenge. In our changing world, before mentioned factors are valuable assets when applying for a new job. Those skills are not only valuable in business life, but also in your private life and for your self-esteem, you know that you can do it, and you survive no matter what.

Experience, the lessons learnt, probably a new language learnt, winning the difficult situations, discovering new culture, friends made are not measurable with money. No one can take them from you. Those are things that keeps my head up every time I have difficult times and reminds me of who I am.

If you hesitate of going to experience something new, but you are afraid of making that decision, you think that you are too young, or too old, or you cannot do it because you have a family or a dog or you don’t have enough money or you are sick, remember, life is all about choices. If you want you can. I can help to motivate you and encourage you to make that decision, I’ll tell you about the pros and cons, and we can do the planning together. Do not hesitate to contact me. I’m here for you!

This text is the first blog text ever written by me, I’m from Finland and at the moment based in Finland. I will continue writing about my experiences, about the countries I’ve lived, about the feelings I’ve had. About different working cultures, people and life in different countries. I will also write about how the experiences has changed me, my way of thinking, what opportunities it has given to me. If you wish I’ll invite you to share your own experiences with me, and I can publish them for you. You can send them in

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