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We offer our services not only for companies, but also for the universities, polytechnics, high schools, sport teams, exchange programs, private individuals and families. The process and the feelings are very similar, no matter if the new comer is an expatriate, a student, an ice hockey player or a pianist. Let us take care of your foreign people so they can concentrate 100% on the task they came for!

The services are, according to the needs of the customer, tailor made packages or hour-basis consulting. We help you with the immigration and integration processes and happy to go through the whole relocation journey together with you and/your employee with friendly and understanding way.

  • Personalized services and relocation consultation for individuals and/or families for all type of immigration and integration related issues in Finland
  • Coaching and Mentoring, when moving to Finland
  • Coaching and Mentoring, when moving out from Finland
  • Start-up consulting for foreigners already living in Finland

Examples of services:

  • help with necessary documentation, paperwork and governmental offices, such as tax office, social security, police, town hall, immigration office
  • finding a home and helping with rental agreements or a purchase of a home
  • helping to find schools and childcare
  • introduction to finish healthcare system and social services
  • getting a bank account, insurances etc.
  • facilitating the everyday activities, such as visiting the supermarkets, introducing the spare time activities, presenting the new neighborhoods and new home city and surroundings, cultural possibilities, presenting the services provided by the city, buying a car, internet, phone, TV etc.
  • going through the general rules and regulations in the accommodations, schools, daycare, city ex. Recycling, parking, timetables etc.
  • Help with translation and everyday life interpretation

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