GMCFinland Oy Family is growing

Hello all, It's been so long time we've last updated our stories of GMCFinland Oy that I don't even know where to start. For the total silence, there is the best reason of the world. I was having my maternity leave since 1st of November 2021 till now, beginning of October 2022 and we have a perfectly healty and happy baby boy of 9 months old now.

GMCFinland has been doing great during the past two years and as you can see the status of the company has also changed from trade name Global Mobility Consulting Finland to a status of limited company GMCFinland Oy. Though, this change happened already two years ago. We have been so busy with actual work that updating the channels have been less important. 

Not only that the company status has changed also my status as a single entrepreneur to a wife and then to a mother has changed over the past three years. Priorities are elsewhere, time is limited and the joy of life comes from so many different sources than before. Life is great. I love my work and my what my company is doing and I'm happy to be back at work after the maternity leave as changed woman. Inside of me, there is this passionate relocation entrepreneur, and if you want to call me relocation consultant, manager, director, Finnish friend, colleague, mother hen, Finnish mother, whatever goes with me until I get to help people to settle in Finland :) Of course entrepreneur cannot just be 100%  absent from the business, but let's say, I've been the quiet team member for a little while and now I'm back with full power and energy.

I also want to welcome our new GMCFinland Oy family member, Essi Miettinen, as a relocation specialist in GMCFinland Oy family. This neither is not a brand new information as Essi has been working with GMCFinland Oy already for a one year. Essi will present herself in a separate article. By the way, the cover picture is her "handwriting", she is a very talented and also works as a photographer. 

Now, stay tuned, as I am planning to do some updates on our website, Facebook and Instagram and if you need any consultation or your company wants to outsource the relocation services for your employees moving to Finland or you are hiring foreign workforce in Finland (työperäinen maahanmuutto) , you can contact me directly or and we help with the whole process from paperwork to registrations till everyday life in Finland. 

I wish you a great day :)

- Jenny