GMC Finland's Communication by Bonde

What would I be without a good partnership with communication Bonde? At least not as visible as I am now. I want to to give a special thank you for Antti Lehto, who has been coaching me about good communication and modern methods of using media and how to tell Global Mobility Finland's story. Still learning how to do it and Bonde is giving me great support, help and professional perspective to go on. Bonde is not just creating the web page, but coaching with each step and not leaving me alone with my web page. Antti is helping me to develop the page and giving me personal training on the tasks I should do, when I should do and how should I do it. 

Today is a very special day to make this post, as in Finland we have the name days in our calendars and today is Antti's name day. Antti, I hope you checked Bonde's mail box today :) Antti and his family has been living abroad in different countries during many many years, and have returned back home in Rauma like me and it is great to work with people with same type of backround. Love my job! 

Bonde "You got the story"