Global Mobility Finland Volunteering in Indonesia, The earthquake tragedy

Wednesday 15/08/2018 Sanur, Bali, Indonesia

It's been now one and half weeks after the enourmous earthquake in Lombok area in Indonesia, which has destroyed over 270 000 homes and the confirmed death toll at the moment is 550 people and expected to rise as there are still enormous amount of people missing. Three days after the 7.0 hit, GMCFinland arrived in Bali Airport. I will be reporting about happenings around the voluntary work in the field and sharing stories from people who have survived from the earthquake. GMCFinland is working together with Dream Divers powered by Extra Divers and main task is the fund collection and keeping the social media aware of the actions we are doing. We feel that it is important for the donators to know where the donation money is used and where it is going. Every day we are doing research of different suppliers to provide us medical supplies, blankets, water, clothes, food, hygienical products, tarpaulins, pillows. I'll be continuously sharing the donation link on the web page, facebook and Linked In and truly wish all the readers would share the link as well and if possible, please donate! Even a small amount of donation money will help. The Funds will go straight for a local organisation, The Endri Foundation which is a foundation that normally cares for the lesser fortunate children of Lombok, but at the moment is dedicated to helping the victims of the earthquake in the refugee camps.​​​​​​ 

I will be reporting daily bases about activities what we are doing, what we have already done and sharing the stories of the people I have been around and who I'll meet along this journey. Please follow us and share as much as you can.