Facebook post by Global Mobility Finland

Early Friday morning, waiting for identification meeting at finnish immigration office with these two charming young men. Their employer Nipromec Oy Ltd. Uses @gmcfinland services for recidence permit process. Process is time consuming and if you don’t have enough recourses to take care of all the details, it’s better to outsource these activities, so you save your time to do what you do best! Here we handled Ukranian and Russian nationalities to start working in Finland! 🇫🇮 Welcome to Finland Ruslan and Valerii! Previously for Nipromec we visited immigration office with indian lady 😊 Thank you Nipromec and N-Pro for trusting your employees for us and for great co-operation! Thank you also for taking good care of your own people 🙏🏻 It is so important that when arriving to a new country the people can just concentrate on their work, without stressing about the obligatory paper work.