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Have you ever thought about life without water? A necessity that is so automatic for so many of us. Normally we have a warning letter in our mail box when there is some piping problems or maintenance done. Water is cut during a normal working day, when people are usually at work. Some does not even notice the cuts. Some gets really angry, because of not beeing able to use the washing machine to be able to wear your favourite shirt for a evening dinner... first world problems. Understandable. These people were not warned. They do not have enough water to drink. They do not even have toilets to flush. Two huge earthquakes in a row, 100% of households destroyed in north Lombok. 350 000 homes. Please help us to share the word in your social media channels together with the link for donations: https://www.gofundme.com/ztkntc-lombok-earthquake The money goes directly to Endi foundation and to buy the water and other necessities!
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I need a watertank car its cost about 400 millions IDR What its for ? to supply fresh water for the refugees at the camps since the 7,0 M earthquake last three week all the water pipe been broke down and people cant get water. why its urgent…